The scent of autumn was in the air. The sun was shining gracefully with a touch of cool breeze complimenting its warmth. It was indeed a very nice day to celebrate a birthday of someone special on a Saturday morning in Leederville.

We headed our way to the entrance at Piccolo’s Corner and noticed a beautiful garden on its side. All seats were mostly occupied by hipsters enjoying their meals, chatting casually with their acquaintances. In less then five, we scored a six-seats table abandoned by a guy after sipping his last coffee. Distressed table with a window seat, it was a prime spot for foodies like us.

“It will be half an hour wait…” said the lady over the counter as we placed our order. Baked bean and flat white for me and Grilled mushroom and ice chocolate for her. We continued our conversation as we waited patiently for food. And it was indeed worth the wait…

As I worked my fork and knive into the beautifully presented dish, I could feel the excitement rushing in my blood. The baked bean was well seasoned and cooked with deep tomato sauce. Chorizo which has always been my favourite, was paired together to bring a savoury touch. And it was topped with poached egg, blanketed in basil pesto which refreshing smell preceded the urge to try. I slowly steered my knife through it, and was a bit disappointed as it didn’t have gooey yolk I was expecting. However I carried on and made my way to the fluffy yet crispy bread underneath. It balanced out strong flavours and pulled everything together.

It was a great experience overall. Birthday girl and I were happy and would love to come back again, perhaps to satisfy our curiousity with their famous smashed pumpkin or avocado.










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