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People say there is a first time in everything. From first job, first car, first love and luckily for me, this time it is my first time making these scrumptious potstickers. I even challenged myself to roll my own gyoza wrappers. The filling was simply made of lean pork mince, and fresh Chinese cabbage seasoned with ginger, garlic, miso paste and sesame oil. The smell of grated ginger, crushed garlic and strong sesame oil simply brought me back down memory lane, straight into my hometown miles away. Did I also tell you that sealing gyoza was as fun as folding colourful origami cranes? They literally looked like they have wings and were ready to take off! And I can hardly wait to devour these little fellows once they are pan fried. So I took the fairest among them all (it almost slipped from my chopstick, trying to flee), off to dipping sauce, and straight into my watering mouth. I could taste acidity from the sauce even before I had a bite into it, and boy, the flavour combination was to die for. And before I knew it, they were all gone… // recipe’s from Jamie Oliver’s Comfort Food

Crispy Winged Gyoza


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